Frequently Asked Questions

How long does your worship service last?

Each service on Sunday morning typically lasts about and hour and fifteen minutes. This includes Worship through Music, Communion, Prayer and Teaching.

What should I wear Sunday Morning?

Clothes! Sunday mornings is comfortable and casual. You will find people wearing a tie to people wearing jeans and a hoodie. From senior to Hipster, come as you are.

Do you have anything for my kids?

YES! We have a baby nursery during the worship service. Following the communion portion of worship , we offer a Junior Church service for 4 year old's through 5th grade.

When I pull in the parking lot, where do I go?

Proceed to the main entrance, wich is a covered doorway. You will be greeted with a smile and a handshake, unless you prefer a hug, we got those too. You will then have access to our welcome table with cookies and coffee. (We do provide an elevator for anyone with special needs.)

How do I take communion at your church?

We participate in communion each Sunday we meet. There is a brief meditation prior to the emblems being served to allow participates to prepare for this portion of our worship service.  We invite all Christians to partake of the bread and juice as it is passed 

Other than Sunday Mornings, when do you meet?

We offer many opportunities to meet and serve.  From young to old you will find numerous ways to participate at the church.  Whether it's a life group, children ministry,  junior high or high school there are activities for a the whole family throughout the week. You can find out more by going to Connect in the navigation bar.